Vienna – the capital of Austria

Vienna is a romantic and historical place full of memories about the era of the Habsburg and musical reminiscences. The architecture of the city is a mixture of different designs from Baroque to monumental imperial style buildings of XIX century mixed with experimental, modernist works and contemporary urban design. Vienna became important at X centaury with the rise of the dynasty Babenberg. In 1278 Vienna came under the government of Rudolf of Hapsburg. Over centuries Vienna was competed with Prague, Linz and Graz for the residence of the emperors. The city has been repeatedly attacked by Turks between 1529 and 1683. The famous aristocratic families owe their well-being of the wars with the Turks, built palaces and summer residences in the Baroque style. Imperial Vienna was never a typical German city but a cosmopolitan capital of the state attracting great people from all areas of Central Europe and tourists from all around the world.