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5 Stars
On May 23, 2012
Last modified:May 23, 2012


Amazon Kindle Touch 3G is an excellent electronic bookreader that provides access to books and documents stored locally as well as on the cloud via Wi-Fi and 3G networks GLOBALLY. You stay always connected to your books and documents no matter what is your travel destination and how long you are planning to stay.

Electronic book readers – favorite books and important documents in one compact device.


Amazon Kindle Touch 3GAmazon Kindle TouchNook Simple TouchNook Simple Touch

New generation of electronic book readers could make travelers life more comfortable by providing instant access to favorite books, personal, travel and business documents. The majority of them are capable to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi but only few of them could connect through 3G cellular network. The most notable electronic book readers are Amazon Kindle Touch and Nook Simple Touch. Both of them equipped by convenient touch screens and very light and compact. Powered by E-ink technology electronic book readers could run incredibly long time on one charge. For instance Amazon Kindle Touch could run up to 2 months on single battery charge with wireless off and half an hour reading per day. Taking into account massive selection of books, text to speech and 3G connectivity capabilities Amazon Kindle Touch definitely deserves leading positions on the electronic book readers market. In addition to above mentioned Amazon Kindle have experimental but working web browser, supports audio books and MP3 and most importantly 3G model of the device provides internet connectivity via 3G for free. No contracts and no monthly fees and it does work GLOBALLY. It is extremely important feature for frequent global travelers. You can download your books anytime, anywhere. Electronic book readers are especially good on beach vacation. The latest E-ink screens provide superior quality reading experience on light and sunny places – no eye strain or glare.

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